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My name is Robert McDonald and I'm an avid collector of toy outboard motors and boats. The purpose of this website is to be a Reference Guide to help collectors, through the use of color pictures and descriptions, to identify toy outboards and boats they find or have in their collection.  I hope to continue to add text to the site to compliment the pictures and give the history of these wonderful old toys. The toys on this website are not for sale. Indeed, I'm not trying to sell anything although a few others on this site are selling products that I think are very good for the collector. I am a collector, however, and always looking to buy and trade motors. Please email me at JB6290@aol.com if you have a toy outboard or boat you would like to sell or trade. The best sources to buy motors are Jack Browning, Bill Arick, Terry Topjun, Alterscale and Ebay. If you're looking for toy outboard motor stands, excellent stands are still available from Bill Arick, Scott Smith and Don Hay.

Jack Browning has a New 2013 edition of his book called the Toy Outboard Motor Book.  It has 400 pages filled with toy boats and outboard motors including 100 new pages, an updated collector's list, many, many magazine ads from K&O and other manufacturers, pictures of all the motors, etc.  This is a comprehensive look at toy outboards.  The price is $75 plus $10 postage.  Contact Jack at: JBrow9945@aol.com and send a payment to Jack Browning, PO Box 65, Hardy, VA 24101

Email Bob McDonald at: JB6290@aol.com

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